Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have special programs for corporations?

Yes!  Just Contact Us and we'll tell you all about it.


Do you charge for deliveries?



Do you sell firecrackers, cherry bombs, mortars, fireworks that explode, or shoot up in the air?

Absolutely not.  Those fireworks are illegal in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.  The fireworks we sell are legally categorized as "fountains" and "sparklers."


I'm an individual who wants to buy fireworks from you directly but I don't have a store; can I do that?

Sorry, but we wholesale only to stores.  If you'd like the name of a store that we service near you, please feel free to Contact Us.


If a firework we purchased from you doesn't work, can we return it for a refund or replacement?

We guarantee you will have no duds, and in the extremely unlikely event you come across one, we will credit your account or provide you with a replacement; whatever you prefer.


How old must someone be to purchase fireworks?

In Connecticut and Rhode Island the minimum purchasing age is 16 years old.  In New York the minimum age is 18.